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What is PRTESOL?

It Is A nonprofit organization founded in1969 with the purpose of developing and improving the teaching of English in Puerto Rico. So, our goal is to support ESL professionals and focus on improving the teaching of ESL in Puerto Rico.

Regional Chapters

Welcome to the Eastern Chapter !


The PRTESOL mission is to provide professional development, advocacy, research, and scholarship opportunities to promote the quality of English language teaching and learning in Puerto Rico. ​


     To be recognized and respected as the leading association for English Language teaching, learning. and professional development in Puerto Rico and Latin America.


PRTESOL is a non profit organization dedicated to:

  • promoting scholarship and professional development;

  • providing opportunities for study and research;

  • disseminating information on the teaching of English to speakers of other languages;

  • improving instruction in ELL programs;

  • coordinating information with local, stateside, and international organizations;

  • promoting the recognition of English as an additional language.

Nicole M. Rivera Brito
PRTESOL- Eastern Chapter 2024- President

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